April 26, 2010

random insignificant facts about me.

I had this mad urge to write a blogpost with just random facts about me. I don't know why. Somehow it's purging, and things are falling back into place, but I don't wanna jinx anything.
Anyway. This is as random, as random gets.
1. I usually sleep in 'dead person in coffin' position. It's quite freaky, and amusing.

2. I tend to get very obsessive and attached to things or people. A quality about myself I hate, more than most things. And it's common knowledge how much I tend to overthink and over analyse things.

3. When I was a kid, around two years old maybe.. I smeared an entire jar of Vicks on myself, happily laughed about it till it stung so bad that I burst into tears.

4. Speaking of childhood memories, the scar on my forehead is a result of me climbing up my living-room door, spiderman style, till I fell flat on my face and had to get stitches. But clearly, this didn't teach me enough of a lesson. Because I did it again when I was seven. This time, with wet slippery bathroom hands. I think I have a total of nineteen stitches there. And a few on my lower lip too, but that's another story.

5. I always, always plan everything in my head. I'm constantly imagining how situations would go, but somehow I always like to see how they would go in my head, first. People's reactions, movements and conversation. But ironically, I'm quite a spontaneous person, I've discovered.

6. I love languages and culture. I'm currently hooked onto German. I taught myself most of the stuff I know over the past one year. My speaking skills aren't perfect, and I'm not very fluent, but I can manage. And I have a pretty good accent. If and when I am done perfecting Deutsch, I'm gonna take on Svenska next.[That's Swedish for you noobs. :) ]

7. I'm never been much of a computer gamer, always more into my Playstation. But I still love randomly talking in leet. It's so much fun.

8. I make too many mistakes in my life. Like my friend very rightly said, somehow I always think that situations will end up being different for me than usual. So I like taking the hard way, and still being rebellious and doing the same thing. And ending up at the same place where I was told I would end up. Then I get a million 'I told you so's. But it's my way of learning, I suppose. That way, I guess I have a guarantee that I won't fuck up again if something like that happens.

9. I still, to this day, have not figured out why letters turn to the right when italicised. Why?

10. Most people think I am naive. Because I act very stupid and make mistakes that could have been easily avoided. So then they end up thinking I'm impressionable and very 'herd-mentality'. But the truth is, I'm not. I see everything for what it really is. I approach the situation from every angle. But still.. I guess I end up being an idiot about it. That's just how it goes for me. And it's something I need to improve on.

11. Growing up, everybody thought of me as a tom-boy, with my short hair, and bushy eyebrows and oversized glasses. I'd always hang out with the boys, pick fights, bully people. I spent my lunch breaks playing football with the guys, when the rest of the girls would hang by the playground on the swings or the merry-go-round. But inside, I've always been a girly girl. I was sick obsessed with Barbies till I was twelve, perhaps. And I always experimented with make-up. I was and am very picky about the clothes I wear. I would design clothes on stick-thin models in eighth grade. I was an odd child that way.

12. I'm very very passionate about music. I don't care what others think, what sort of music I listen to, I'm very much in love with it. I love singing with all my heart and soul. If I had a chance to do something along the field of music, I'd grab that opportunity immediately. My dream is to become the lead-singer of a band. Start off by performing in some local pubs, 'til word gets around. Then there lies nothing but awesomeness in the future.

13. I'm very jealous of people who know what they want in life. Because I don't think I'll ever figure it out. But on the other hand, I do pity them. What's the fun in life if you know what's coming and you know you're going to get it?

14. I tend to intimidate people by my openness and my conversations. I don't know why. But it happens.

15. I've been wanting to learn the guitar over the past three years. Somehow, I lack motivation. And everytime I pick it up and learn something new on it, I always feel like I'll fail.

16. I have this feeling, inside of me, that I am destined to do great things. But I am such a lazy person. How am I going to get anywhere if I don't get off my ass and DO SOMETHING?

17. I do not believe in the social institutions of marriage or organised religion.

18. Yesterday, I was in Goa. We swam across the sea to a small island type rock. From where we walked a bit [I have a few cuts on my feet which I like to see as war wounds :) ] and then waded through the marshy waters. Later, we sipped cocktails and ate sausages and pasta blissfully. It was amazing.

19. My sleep cycle is so fucked, it's not even funny.

20. I love complicating things for myself. I am such a masochist.