June 24, 2009

Reminiscing them old days.

Here's something I randomly scribbled on the last day of school.I think I'll really treasure it a few years down the line.

After all these years
After a tiring almost-decade of fun,struggle
and madness comes to an end
When we've been protected and sheltered for
all these long and tiresome days
May we never let the thoughts of our
budding adulthood and those memories fade
Remember me when youre reminiscing
Taking a walk down memory lane.
And think of all the times we spent together
exchanging silly promises of always meeting
of never losing touch
so called 'friends forever'.
So leave the enemity and bitterness of those
fights behind.
When the time comes,let it all go
And keep me safely in a corner of your memory box.
Remember the good old days.

May 01, 2009

Thoughts about Rain

Now,I know that I put up most of my poetry on my Facebook page,but well,I'm gonna put this up anyway.


So I sit by the foggy window
there's a cup of coffee by the sill
As right now,there are things that I want
I want to sit here all day
and listen to Coldplay
Watching the raindrops making
innumerous puddles on the dark,silent ground.
I want to see a steely sky.
It should remain that way.
I just want to watch these amazing drops of water
fall forever into simplicity.
Drowning the whole world in them,
or probably just my imagination.
These small simple things I ask for.
Nothing more,nothing big.
Odd things rain makes you think.
Does it ever think
how much it affects us?
How much it tampers with our minds?
Or does it just continue to fall like it does?
I suppose so.
But nonetheless,
I want to listen to my song.
And now the sky is turning steely.
I guess miracles do happen now and then.

April 30, 2009

First post..hmm.

So yeah,you always have to wonder what to put in in the first post!Unfortunately,it doesn't make me any different and I have to think of something to fill this up with.I don't think this blog is going to go through every excruciating detail of my boring life,but I think I can try to put in a few interesting bits here and there.So how does this go exactly?I don't know either.
Things in my life aren't neccesarily very interesting at the moment(come to think of it,hardly ever)and yeah,I'm a very frustrated person.But what the heck.I try being happy :)
I've been wanting to make a blog for the past umpteen months, and I actually managed to make one,but well,no one read it of course,and I don't think I can blame them,it WAS pretty boring :P .So here I am. starting afresh with this! Fingers crossed.