July 25, 2014

Top 5 most played songs right now

Down by the River (FlicFlac Edit) - Milky Chance
I love Milky Chance, the lead singer has a wonderfully hoarse voice and this remix just amps it up a notch, without interfering with the original much.

Life is a Song - Patrick Park
Yes, I just watched all four seasons of the OC again and yes, this song at the finale made me cry. JUST LISTEN TO IT THOUGH.

Jubel - Klingande
Too much of an obsession. I think I'm going to do with this what I do with all the songs I get obsessed with - listen to it on loop till I'm officially sick of it. I'm okay with that.

Svefn g Englar - Sigur Rós
Is any Sigur Rós song ever too much? The answer is no, people.

Cherbourg - Beirut
Another of my favourite bands. I imagine myself walking down cobbled streets in Greece, while listening to this one. Every single damn time.

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 2014

Here's a few pictures from my recent two day trip to Amsterdam with my boyfriend.
Amsterdam is everything you read about it in books, everything you ever saw in movies and magazines and just as small. As quaint and idyllic as the city is, its transformation into a typical tourist city is not a pretty one. You hear more American drawls than Dutch accents, one too many Burger Kings and McDonalds and a mysterious amount of bikes in the canals. It's a tiny city (I overestimated the size, everything is within a ten minute walk within the city center) and I think I saw a lot of it in just a day and a half.
Making a new friend in a coffee shop, reuniting with an old one and the garbage collectors on strike made the roadtrip memorable.

March 26, 2013

Current remixes i'm loving

Mirando (Animal Collective Remix) - Ratatat
{Heard this at Lakme Resort Fashion Week '13. Instant love.}

Midnight Life - The White Panda
{The Good Life by Kanye and Midnight City by M83. Seriously, could you go wrong?}

Get Free (Andy C Remix) - Major Lazer
{This song is SO GOOD. I didn't think it could get better, but I love this remix. }

Bloom (Jamie XX Rework Part 3) - Radiohead
{Sounds nothing like the original. Still amazing.}