July 25, 2014

Top 5 most played songs right now

Down by the River (FlicFlac Edit) - Milky Chance
I love Milky Chance, the lead singer has a wonderfully hoarse voice and this remix just amps it up a notch, without interfering with the original much.

Life is a Song - Patrick Park
Yes, I just watched all four seasons of the OC again and yes, this song at the finale made me cry. JUST LISTEN TO IT THOUGH.

Jubel - Klingande
Too much of an obsession. I think I'm going to do with this what I do with all the songs I get obsessed with - listen to it on loop till I'm officially sick of it. I'm okay with that.

Svefn g Englar - Sigur Rós
Is any Sigur Rós song ever too much? The answer is no, people.

Cherbourg - Beirut
Another of my favourite bands. I imagine myself walking down cobbled streets in Greece, while listening to this one. Every single damn time.

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