May 18, 2010

We play, endlessly.

I change my mind too often. I get bored too quick. Sometimes, when I want to get bored, I keep holding on. I tell random people details about my life they'd rather not know about. I make a lot of mistakes, repeatedly. Daily. I like being stubborn. I don't listen.
Is there anything right here?
Uff. I feel like I'm becoming a worse person as days go by, and I'm doing nothing to change the situation. Every day passes by way too quickly for me to even recall what happened and where it went by, in this haze.
The tendency of mine to tell a lot of people about my life has to go away soon though. I need to stop doing this. Too many people take advantage of it and then end up interfering. Then, they can't even be blamed for it. Because I was the one who started it.
I have so many ideas in my head, I want to put them all into a long story. Or a huge piece of artwork. Or a song. But somehow, I lack motivation. What is wrong with me these days, I ask?
I'm a deep person. Trust me, I am. You know me? Then you know I am. I'm right here in front of you. I've been everything you've wanted me to be. Then, why are you so blind? I'm smart. I'm funny. I'm moody. I'm sarcastic. I lack confidence, most of the times. I'm rude. I complain. I stress more than I should. I live. I laugh.
I also don't understand things. At all.


  1. Hahaha, boy oh boy do I relate!

  2. THIS -
    I lack confidence, most of the times.

    Up that if you're looking to catch someones eye. There's a thin line between 'confident' and 'overconfident/retarded'. Don't cross it.

    AND THIS -
    I stress more than I should.

    Don't. Learn to let go of stuff. If not for others, for yourself. Keeps it easier to focus on stuff at hand.


  3. hey sexy doll long time. how have u been.

  4. I totally relate to that!! stubbornness..boredom..and lack of confidence! *_*

    I dunno where we are going wrong...i cant figure out!
    There is so much things i wanna do too..but lack of CONFIDENCE!! @_@