July 07, 2010


There are times like these
Where I enjoy not making any sense at all.
The slow motion of a local train
The stillness within the puddle of muddy water
The colour purple.
The baby in the hat cries.
"Shift in a little,please?" She says softly.
Cellphone keys and neon necklaces
Stolen earphones and melancholy thoughts floating
so far away from where I am right now.
This bittersweet solitary symphony.
She gets up and leaves, with one last forlorn look.
It's emptying out now.
Orange turns to red and then to white.
But the water's still grey.
How impersonal these little things are.
It's a lovely detached feeling.
Stop looking at me, please.


  1. i love this. priobably one of my favourite that youve written so far. nwo the bittersweet symphony is stuck in my head!

  2. Lovely! Love how the local train resembles something out of fantasy fiction. And oh how the trains have gives us those many hours to just take a stroll in our little heads...and just be.