March 21, 2011

yiiikes, adulthood.

you know what's new? here's what new.
I AM OFFICIALLY AN ADULT. this is insane, because i feel like a ten year old child. except for the.. boobs, and stuff. but yeah, you get it.
yesterday was a regular day, except my mom was a sweetheart and baked me a DELICIOUS chocolate cake, my dad cooked lunch for me [sauteed prawns, man, were they good!], i got a bunch of AMAZING gifts, two of my best friends landed up and surprised me at 12 and well.. it was just a great feeling.
i love it when people do special things for me, it feels so nice.
oh and spoke to an old acquaintance again. a rather attractive one, at that. MUAHAHA.
anyway. yeah. so full. so much food. i want more cake.