April 30, 2009

First post..hmm.

So yeah,you always have to wonder what to put in in the first post!Unfortunately,it doesn't make me any different and I have to think of something to fill this up with.I don't think this blog is going to go through every excruciating detail of my boring life,but I think I can try to put in a few interesting bits here and there.So how does this go exactly?I don't know either.
Things in my life aren't neccesarily very interesting at the moment(come to think of it,hardly ever)and yeah,I'm a very frustrated person.But what the heck.I try being happy :)
I've been wanting to make a blog for the past umpteen months, and I actually managed to make one,but well,no one read it of course,and I don't think I can blame them,it WAS pretty boring :P .So here I am. starting afresh with this! Fingers crossed.