May 01, 2009

Thoughts about Rain

Now,I know that I put up most of my poetry on my Facebook page,but well,I'm gonna put this up anyway.


So I sit by the foggy window
there's a cup of coffee by the sill
As right now,there are things that I want
I want to sit here all day
and listen to Coldplay
Watching the raindrops making
innumerous puddles on the dark,silent ground.
I want to see a steely sky.
It should remain that way.
I just want to watch these amazing drops of water
fall forever into simplicity.
Drowning the whole world in them,
or probably just my imagination.
These small simple things I ask for.
Nothing more,nothing big.
Odd things rain makes you think.
Does it ever think
how much it affects us?
How much it tampers with our minds?
Or does it just continue to fall like it does?
I suppose so.
But nonetheless,
I want to listen to my song.
And now the sky is turning steely.
I guess miracles do happen now and then.

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