June 24, 2009

Reminiscing them old days.

Here's something I randomly scribbled on the last day of school.I think I'll really treasure it a few years down the line.

After all these years
After a tiring almost-decade of fun,struggle
and madness comes to an end
When we've been protected and sheltered for
all these long and tiresome days
May we never let the thoughts of our
budding adulthood and those memories fade
Remember me when youre reminiscing
Taking a walk down memory lane.
And think of all the times we spent together
exchanging silly promises of always meeting
of never losing touch
so called 'friends forever'.
So leave the enemity and bitterness of those
fights behind.
When the time comes,let it all go
And keep me safely in a corner of your memory box.
Remember the good old days.


  1. This is really nice!

    I know this feeling very well, so I can totally relate to it.

  2. This fan-fucking-tastic.
    I love it <3
    Just what I felt when I left my old school :)

  3. Beautiful blog you have:) What is your favorite cookie?

  4. Uhm.. my favourite COOKIE?
    Chocolate chip,perhaps?