November 13, 2010

The cupcake story.

I came up with this story rather spontaneously while BBMing a friend from Canada. I think it's a work of art. All those who disagree will go to hell and face the devil. You'll see what I'm talking about when you're done reading it.

Ok there was once a boy who liked cupcakes. So one day he went to the cupcake shop with his best friend. When he got there he realised he had no money. So he decided to go back home and make his friend wait at the store. But when he came back, his friend was nowhere to be seen. So he asked the employees at the store "have you guys seen my friend? He was here a while ago.",So the guy goes like 'um no sir there wasn't any such guy'. So he called his friend and it said 'the number you have dialled does not exist'. So this guy's really freaked out now. He calls up the cops and reports a missing person complaint and the cops tell him to calm down .Yeah so he goes home and his mom asks him what's wrong and she says you seem really tense so I'll give you sleeping pills. So he takes em but he still can't sleep because that was his best friend and he's missing. So he takes a couple more, overdoses and dies. 
And then at the gates of hell, the devil meets him so the devil says,"you may enter because you have crossed your cupcake limit for this lifetime". So the guy is really offended, he's like what the fuck you can never eat TOO many cupcakes right?Right. So then the devil's like how dare you mess with me? and then they have a fight to settle it, And the devil gets pissed off so he curses him and sends him back to earth. But he curses him and says he'll never eat cupcakes again,So the dude's like omgwtf I'd rather rot in hell .But the devil sends him back..and then he decides to mess with the devil and goes to his favourite cupcake shop again. And when he goes there, what does he see? His best friend! :O And he's like duuuude where were you ? I almost died (lol get it :D) So then the dude's like I was waiting for you to get your money, Because I'm such a good friend and I had no food so I finished all the cupcakes and they were the last cupcakes to be ever made in the whole world..... "And that's what the devil said," said the best friend.And with an evil cackle he turned into the devil. ...And so the guy lived till he was 98 but never ate another cupcake in his life and died sadly. The end.


  1. So, this was the story why d cupcakes served @ office @ snack times taste so lame. They are not cupcakes, lookalikes! :-o
    So, ive been fooled.

    Lol.. ure random is quite a catch! :)
    hah.... :)

  2. I'd rather deal with the devil.