December 19, 2010

Let's talk.

So obviously there's a difference in sober, regular conversations and stoned conversations.
Stoned conversations are the best, no doubt. Especially when they're with U. He's like, the chillest guy to talk to, I've discovered. And I can actually talk to him about anything and everything without thinking about it twice. That's the difference between a guy and a girl, I suppose. With girls, you really have to think twice before saying something and then wonder if you shouldn't have said it instead, once you do. With guys, it's just so simple. You say it and then you forget about it and they do too, and the conversation moves on. There's none of that backbiting, and bitching, and gossip. It's so easy and non complicated.
So today was great. Sitting for almost four hours on the promenade at Carter's, just sitting and discussing big plans, relationships, mistakes, personalities, sex, childhood memories, money, partying and just being stupid teenagers and fucking up now and then. It was one of those moments which I actually cherish, because there aren't too many people with whom you can talk to one on one without feeling judged or stupid.
Stupid talks, haha. Lots of those happened today.
One of those things we spoke about was this; so we're looking at the horizon, and the sky's doing this three colour gradient thing. There's the lightblue on top, a thin line of orange in the centre, and an inky blue space at the bottom. So the skyblue line's full of all those people who play games in life. That's their area, they can do what they want. So the people they will find, also lie within the same strata. Their variety ends there. Then, there's the orange line, which is full of people who won't take risks, girls willing to wait until marriage to have sex, people who don't experiment and are firm and rigid, that category. Same rule applies. The inkyblue line, however, consists of the honest people. The ones who actually live life how they want to live it, and not based on games, or 'playing the cards right'. And funny thing is, the bottom of the layer blends into the sea, making it one. And the sea is endless. So there's all those possibilities you have open. Just.. an interesting concept and something I liked. So I put it on here.
Look forward to more conversations like that. Love them.


  1. I So love the way you use the word "So" to add a tangy humour to ur posts. Keep sharing! \m/

  2. man, i didn't notice the fact that i do that a lot! thanks for pointing it out, and thanks for appreciating. much love (:

  3. Really interesting observation.
    And I have to agree with you, it's so much easier to talk to guys. You can just be yourself and not bother about what you said later because they're not going to spend time thinking too much into things.