June 05, 2011


Sometimes, just sometimes, when I think about me, as a person, the concept of me seems so surreal. Like, wow, this is ME. This is who I am. I look in the mirror; that's what I look like. Its my identity. 'I'. 'Me'. Its just.. Intriguing & a little hard to digest. The concept's always puzzled me, but voicing it out, or putting it down on paper seems odd. Why would anyone question their identity? It feels like I'm questioning my sanity. Sometimes, when people call out my name, or address me, it feels like they're addressing a stranger. Is that normal? I don't know. It just feels strange. Its almost like I'm not comfortable or certain of who I am.
I'm still quite confused. Who the heck am I? It doesn't feel like 'me'. Whatever that is.