November 04, 2011

we always talk about how much mankind has evolved over the past... well, since the beginning of time. we started out as food gatherers and hunters, dudes trying to make clothes out of animal skin and discovering fire and all that jazz. then the whole agricultural phase. then discovering new places and meeting more people, and communication developed, and so did our ideas and the way we thought. now everyone has a whole bunch of theories on how things work, and there's the concept of society which fucks things up some more, and all these norms and morals, and of course, religion.
i think its funny how evolved we are as a race, but still, in theory, we're so primal in the sense that we want multiple sexual partners even though we might be emotionally loyal to one. jumping topics? somewhat but not really. a man/woman wants to find that special someone, or those many special someones throughout their life. spend time with them, be intimate and then if that doesn't work out, move on and find another. it's how it works, now. but still, at the end of the day, there is always that temptation, when you see some stranger who you're attracted to and second-glance at. that sexual desire? the burning passion? i don't know. i'm talking about purely physical here. you want to love that one person, shower them with love and affection, yet feel the need to, what's the word i'm looking for here? cheat? yes. cheat. and then there's the whole 'open relationships never work out' concept. and then some more concepts linked with loyalty, commitment, hookups, long-term relationships and all that.
i'm not really making sense here.
basically, what i'm trying to say is, life is one big orgy?
ok i lost my chain of thought.


  1. I agree. Don't overthink this. Each one of is primal at some level. It's just evolved rationality that is capable of stopping us from acting on these base instincts. And not everyone knows how to allow rationality to take precedence over base instincts.
    It's just like Freud's id, ego and superego. You just need to let your ego do the mediating.

  2. you know what i always sayyyy: society is stupid for forcing people to stifle their evolutionary instincts