March 14, 2012


"The fact is, we, as humans worry too much."
"What makes you, uh, say that?" She said, as he leaned forward slightly, to explain, adjusting his tie as he did so.
"Okay, here's a good example. Right now, you're worried that I'm talking to you so much, because you think I like you & want to hit on you. You think, before we get off this plane, I'll try to get your number, maybe get in touch with you for a coffee or two, & you would be uncomfortable, but since we had such a good, in depth conversation, you'd feel awkward to refuse. So you'd do it. Currently, that's worrying you. Am I right?"
She looked evidently uncomfortable now, there was no way of hiding it.
"Its, uh, possible. Not that I'm implying that you ARE hitting on me, because well, you're not."
"No, I am not. I just like talking to people up close & personal. That way, they can't really run or hide from their emotions, you see?"
She didn't make eye contact.

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