August 28, 2010

Das riecht so gut.

We always find out ways to remember things by, keep little snippets of them for our memory's sweet sake. I wish you could do the same thing to smells though. Is there a way you can package and envelop a trace of a particular smell? So that even after five years, the person's gone, the smell's LONG gone, but you still have it. Smell it, and that characteristic trademark of her's/his pops up in your mind, and gives you the greatest satisfaction ever, for those couple of seconds.
Like right now, I wish I could just preserve the way Tiggy smelt, because goddarnit she smells beautiful. Musty, dusty and.. Just, very cat-like. There's no other way to describe it. Its a warm comfortable smell. Smells like home. I wish I could save the smell, for years down the line.

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