August 14, 2010

[2] In other words.. dishonesty.

"Do I seem wasted to you?" She suddenly asks. What the..? Why would she suddenly be asking him something like that? He really thinks he should reconsider the whole situation, now.
"Now, why in the world would you ask me a question like that?" He genuinely looks confused, she notes. Good, that's a first.
"No.. I mean, I'm just, uhm, apprehensive. I'm not one of those Gucci and Prada girls. I'm sorry.. I don't brush my hair ten times a day. I don't make sure my nail-polish goes with my clothes. I sometimes wear mismatched socks. My All-Stars are perpetually muddy. My watch is old, faded and cracked down the center, and I am probably never going to replace it with a Tag Heuer or a Rolex, simply because I've had this since I was ten and it means more to me than anything. I refuse to take my glasses off, even if I'm wearing the prettiest outfit I own. The kohl and eyeliner never comes off, even when I sleep. I sometimes forget to shower, simply because that's how absent-minded I am. I like grass. I like joints. I like bongs. I can't do without my black coffee in the morning, and my Marlboro Lights. I own more T-shirts than skirts. I'm an absolute wreck. Do... I seem wasted to you?"
The look she has on her face is one of the most genuine ones he's seen, on her, ever. She still looks amazing.
"You're really asking me that? I think you're amazing. Your half-bitten nails, the songs you sing in languages I have never even heard of, the clothes that you wear, the shiny shoelaces you always use to tie up your hair, the lime-green iPod which you guard with your life, the way you smell like Sunday morning... and that smile on your face. Especially when it's not there, and I know I'm the reason to make it re-appear. And you ask me if I think you're wasted?"
She hesitates. Looks away, ashamed.
"Look at me." Doesn't seem like she plans on doing so, stubborn girl. She's playing with her unlit cigarette, now. "Look at me, come on," he pleads. So she does. "We're strangers to each other. Do I really know or care if you're wasted or not?" He brushes off a strand of hair from her eye, as her glittery eyeliner shimmers in the sunlight.
The question remains unanswered.

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