August 19, 2010

[5] Electric is the love.

He picks up the phone, and presses the redial button for the fifth time in a minute. Why isn't she picking up? Is something wrong? She's so erratic, it frustrated him sometimes. The way she just switches off and refuses to talk about her problems. Times like those where she got difficult, he really didn't know how to handle her. She'd go into one of her fits of depression. They lasted for a couple of minutes, or a few hours, and then suddenly she was back to normal. He thinks this is one of those. But he did nothing wrong. He held her hand when she allowed him to, he showed her love and affection, he bought her presents even though she detested them, especially flowers and candy. Such stuff always repulsed her.
The phone rings. It's her. He hurriedly picks up. "Why weren't you answering my calls? I was worried!" She replies on the other line. "Yeah.. I'm sorry. I was a little preoccupied with my laptop. Social networking and all, you know how it goes. My bad though, how goes it, boytoy?" He's glad to hear that she doesn't sound upset, angry or irritated in any possible way. That would have really bothered him. "I thought you were mad at me or something.. I'm sorry to assume." Silence on the other end. Then finally she speaks, "No, why would I be mad at you? Well, to be honest I'm a little mad at myself." Confusion. "Why is that? Are you possibly regretting getting into a relationship? I know you don't believe in them and all, but as far as I know, this is working really well for me, I'm happier than I've ever been in my life, and you made the first move here. You wanted this." She laughs, but a little coldly. "Whoa, wait, wait. I made the first move right? So you mean, I shouldn't have?"
"Why are you twisting my words, Alyssa? I said nothing of that sort. I only meant that you wanted this to happen, and you just got me to realise that I wanted it to happen way more than you did. You mean a lot to me."
"Really, now? How much?"
He doesn't know how to respond. A minute ago, she sounded fine. Now she sounded testy and impatient, with a hint of sarcasm in her tone. The sarcasm never dies, he notes.
"Well, for starters, I fucking love you."
Silence, on the other line. Finally, after five seconds, she replies.
"The first 'I love you' on the phone? Really? Jesus H. Christ, what do I do with you?" but she laughs softly after that sentence. A warm, friendly laughter.
"Well, it was unexpected, and.. I felt it, so I said it. I don't plan these things you know. But yeah I do, you know, love you."
"Gee, thanks, lover boy. Wait for your turn, though." and he can almost hear the smile in her voice, before she hangs up.
He closes his eyes and chuckles to himself. She's a difficult case, alright.


  1. i had a gf ones she loved me i didnt in the beginning but than she was the one and than i was being a guy i guess she broke up and i begged her and she came back after 2 months. we were happy i guess but she was busy with her stuff. one day she went on a trip she said she would hang as soon as she come back which was like 2 days i was counting hours. the day she came back she didn't call me so i had to email her cause she told me she didn't have a phone. i email her she say "i'm really busy sorry baby" i thought she was lying i told her if she doesn't talk this is the end of our relationship and i will never talk 2 her. she say "are u crazy u can't do that" i told her i'm serious a few minutes later i get a message saying "ok fine goodbye" i say what the heck is wrong and she say my mom found out get out. i waited for a month for school 2 start i wrote her everyday some were mean some were nice i asked one of her friends and found out she does have a phone. i called it and messaged it endlessly but she never answered my calls messages or emails. i never knew y would she lie 2 me about her phone and not message when she has gone back 2 her school. i said i just wanted 2 talk 2 her one time nothing...

  2. no girl is worth 2 love they r all the same...