August 14, 2010

[1] Flames to dust.

Always the annoyingly high pitched awkward laughter which he uses to break the silence, when neither of us have anything worthwhile to talk about. Only our fourth time together, but still so much to talk about, to know about each other. He leans back, and stretches widely, looking up at the dusky sky. It's getting dark, and I check my watch, cracked down the centre conveniently. I blink a few times, and gather myself again. Think again, trying hard this time, to come up with something witty, funny or atleast interesting to talk about. Not like I don't do that enough. Heck, it always has to be me initiating conversation.
Two of the crows sitting on the antenna fly away. They look bored too, come to think of it. I'm getting frantic here. I turn my gaze towards him, wondering what exactly he is planning on doing next.
"So, uh.. how's the writing going? Any new stuff out yet, which you have to show me? I haven't read anything new in the longest time!" I raise my eyebrows so high, you can swear they're almost disappearing into my hairline.
"GEEZ, you know how truly frustrating you are?!" I can't take it anymore. I turn myself completely, so I'm facing him, and him me. Our faces are close to each other's. His, confused, a little scared and slightly sweaty. I have a feeling it's not exactly the weather, either. "Whoaaa, wait. What did I do?" The nervous laughter again.
"We've met four times, right? We talk a lot, right? I get along with you more than I do with other boys... RIGHT? And I bet this is not a one-sided attraction thing I'm talking about here." I'm tapping my foot now, so it's clearly showing how impatient I am.
"Yes...?" he says, but his sentence trails off into nothingness as his cheeks get red. "Come on! Grow a pair! What the hell are you waiting for?!" I'm practically flustered by now.
"HEY! Did you just tell me to man up? Because I am manlier than you'll ever be!" Stupid laughter rings in my ears. Another one of those bad jokes, which I'd unfortunately grown to like. A slight smirk appears on my face, and then nothing.
"Okay, I smiled. I did, really. But I'm getting impatient here. Why is it that big an effort for you to actually make a move once in a while?" My heart's pounding a little. I couldn't get more obvious than that. I suddenly find myself regretting the last sentence. What if he doesn't feel the same way? He's silly. He's shy. He's innocent. He's a genius. He's nothing like the ones I am used to.
"Alyssa?" He says, slowly. I turn to look at him again, closely. He tilts his head. "I like you. You're different. You're beautiful. You're smart. I want to get to know you better." He's breathing rather rapidly. I can feel the redness climb up my cheeks. "You.. do?" Eyes widened, we're both looking at each other. Nothing else, nobody else.
We say nothing. Sit in silence for the next five minutes.
"Goddamn it! You still won't change, will you?" And with saying that, I clumsily pull his face down towards mine and kiss him firmly on his mouth. His hand creeps up my neck and twirls around my hair. His glasses are cutting into the side of my face, but I really don't mind. He pulls away, takes a deep breath and entwines his fingers in mine.
The remaining three crows fly away too, with the dusk.

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