August 14, 2010

[3] Neon, neon.

He hesitates first. Then thinks about it, lifts his hand and slowly strokes her cheek. She snaps her head and looks taken aback. "What the..?" She's confused, but looks rather pleased. Her cheeks are pink, turning deeper yet, and she has a smile playing at the corner of her full lips.
"You..didn't want me to?" His awkwardness is so obvious, she could possibly see it floating like a jellyfish above his head and catch it in a net, keep it in a tank and use it to her amusement when he had his confident moments. No, she thinks, I'm not that cruel. She properly smiles this time. "What is it?" He asks again. "I'm sorry, if you didn't want me showing any signs of affection, I won't.. I won't touch you like that in public. I thought stroking your cheek would, you know, uh.. what are the words.. " He doesn't finish his sentence. She's still looking at him with a smile on her face, rather amusedly. She fiddles with her neon-green earrings.
She leans over and kisses the tip of his nose, wipes off the lip-gloss stain, and looks at him again. He's smiling too, by now. "If I didn't want you to, I'd probably kung-fu your ass to Japan and back, by now," she giggles. He's never heard her giggle like that before. It's so uncharacteristic of her. So.. girly. She does something odd, then. She puts her arms around his neck, rests her head on his shoulder. Remains that way.
"We're so different, I love it." He says, and puts his arm around her.

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