August 04, 2010

Draft 1.

There's this tiny part inside of my head, like most humans, which tells me that no matter what happens and however messed up my current situation is, eventually things are all going to turn out the way I want them to. Everything will be alright, in the end.
There really isn't much hope left. Its never going to be how I want it to be. Yet that part in my head keeps convincing me to keep holding on till everything magically, somehow, falls into place.
Humans have a tendency to not realize their stupidity. I say this often and I really mean it. I mean, have we seen ourselves? Not in the 'look in the mirror and discover yourself' sort of way. More the third person point of view. We can always realise the other person's stupidity, but never our own. Self-pity is sad but inevitable. We all know it and still do it. Hypocrites, all of us. Selfish. Insensitive. Lustful. Forgetful.
The cycle never ends.

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