August 15, 2010

[1.1] a different take on Flames to Dust.

Always the awkward laughter to cover up the silences. You never learn do you? I look at you all the time. My eyes linger on your near-perfect features. That straight nose, the angular jawline, the expressive eyes. So much emotion. What a dreamer you are. You're just craving to let out your energy in any sort of artistic way aren't you? I'll be with you when you want to do so. Let's talk. I talk about my childhood. You call me dangerous. I stare at you some more. I try my best not to be obvious. Its silly when I laugh out loud for the jokes which aren't even remotely funny.
We're sitting on the terrace. Its dusk. Everyone's in the house, but we want to talk. I try breaking the ice. Ask you about your past relationships. Not many, you say. Maybe two or three. Oh? Surprising. Me? Nothing serious ever. Just really complicated shit. Drama. We can not talk about it if you like? Yes please, I'd like that. But I'd tell you eventually, someday. We look at each other. You're not going to take this further, are you? Awkward laughter. Its really not amusing. I'm sorry, I tend to laugh a lot. Hah. Yeah I noticed.
I look at you. I want to kiss you, I say out loud. You get tensed up, WHAT? I just do it. I look at you, bring your face down to my level and kiss you softly. Just a simple kiss. Then pull away. You say, whoa. Sparks. Haha. You're dramatic aren't you? You're quiet. Well. I guess I have to learn eh? I say what? You lean in and kiss me. First softly, then deeply. We get lost.

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